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Founded by Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing professionals, Avantage Mécanique Inc.  offers consulting services and custom turnkey solutions to support new CNC machine tool integration, from acquisition to production. Avantage Mécanique also offers assistance with the implementation, deployment and technical support for CATIA® and ENOVIA® solutions. Our team of experts in all fields of CAD/CAM and Manufacturing will deliver solutions enabling your company to achieve its goals in today’s increasingly complex technological environment.

News & Events

2016.5.11 Avantage Mécanique Inc. have partnered with UK based metrology software products ltd (MSP), an associate of global engineering company Renishaw, to offer ‘NC-PerfectPart Process Customizer’ and related CAM training.  This is now among the many products and services Avantage Mécanique can offer manufacturing companies in order to improve machining quality and increase CNC Machines productivity (Press Release).

2015.5.29 Avantage Mécanique Inc. will be co-presenting, with Renishaw Canada, a conference about automated 5-axis repositioning of a part prior to machining. This conference is part of the 6th Journée de la Métrologie en Aérospatiale that will be held at Polytechnique Montréal on June 4th 2015 (Journée de la métrologie en aérospatiale).

2015.2.5 Great success for Avantage Mécanique at the Renishaw Technology Workshops on Advanced Manufacturing at Centre technologique en aérospatiale (CTA): more than 70 people from 25 companies have witnessed the effectiveness of our method for the integration of programming and simulation of NC-PerfectPart probing routines into CAM systems (computer aided manufacturing) as proposed by Avantage Mécanique and Metrology Software Product (Press Release).

2015.1.7 Technology Workshop:
Advanced Manufacturing. On February 4th 2015, Renishaw Canada Limited is proud to invite you to a technology workshop on advanced manufacturing. In collaboration with the Aerospace Technology Center, Metrology Software Product and Avantage Mécanique Inc., the workshop will demonstrate the most recent software and manufacturing equipment to improve cycle time and process quality. It’s free. Please, confirm your presence before January 30th 2015: (Invite).

2014.11.24 Avantage Mécanique Inc. panelist at the plenary ” Defence and Security Market Trends : Emergence of Advanced Manufacturing ” at the Symposium on the Canadian Defence and Security Market held on November 24, 2014 ! We will discuss the challenges involved in the integration of new manufacturing technologies, both in terms of equipment and manufacturing automation, but also in the methods of inspection and part design methods… ( STIQ Symposium)

2014.11.12 Avantage Mécanique Inc. is now an authorized reseller for IMS Software products in Canada: a complete solution for the development of post-processors and simulation on CNC machines (Press Release).

2014.09.16 Avantage Mécanique Inc. is developing a new line of services in technology transfer. We provide consulting services helping you to fill the gap from invention to innovation. To assist you in the process, Avantage Mécanique has brought together, from industry and academia, several experts that have successfully integrated new technologies in a manufacturing environment.

2014.09.01 Avantage Mécanique Inc. now offers a full range of consulting services and custom turnkey solutions to support new CNC machine tool integration and the development of new features on your specific equipment.